Jack, Family Smiling in Boston, Again

Four-year-old Ava, Jack’s sister, wore her Burkhead jersey at a Florida beach.

Tough as Nails Kid Headed Back to Boston

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By Randy York

Good news, everyone out there in the Land of Team Jack. Jack Hoffman, the 6-year-old brain cancer patient whose cause Rex Burkhead and countless others in Husker Nation have adopted, had a great day at Children’s Hospital in Boston Wednesday. “Jack’s neurologist, neuro-surgeon and neuro-oncologist all agree – any remaining residual tumor is STABLE!” Andy Hoffman, Jack’s dad, wrote on Jack’s Caring Bridge website.

“This is always a very nervous time,” Andy said before delivering the good news, explaining how he and his wife were told after his son’s second surgery on Oct. 10 that essentially the tumor was re-sectioned with the possible exception of some tumor cells on Jack’s cerebral artery. His son’s neuro-surgeon “advised that we would see what it looks like in January,” Andy wrote. “Well … it did NOTHING, which is fantastic! It is not gone, but it did not grow.”

What is left could be tumor cells, but it also could be scar tissue. “The big news is that it is not taking off and growing out of control,” Jack’s dad said. “While we cannot say that Jack is ‘tumor free’, we can say that whatever is left inside is not growing.” And that’s what prompted Andy Hoffman to write this headline in Jack’s Journal on his website: “Smiling in Boston, again”.

For Team Jack members interested in more details, check here and read what four doctors, including his neuro-psychologist, told the Hoffman family in four appointments on Wednesday. “We sincerely appreciate all of our friends, family and Husker fans for their love and support over the past eight months,” Andy Hoffman said. “We were reminded today that Jack is standing on a decent amount of ‘firm ground’, while at the same time being simultaneously aware of the fact that there is quicksand all around. We have learned how to live one day at a time and not get too far ahead of ourselves.”

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