Big Ten N-Sider Trivia: 20 Questions

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By Randy York

Since the youngest women’s basketball team – by far – in the Big Ten Conference is your Nebraska Cornhuskers, it’s time to fully immerse yourself in this new league, so you can understand its rich tradition. Nebraska, after all, will represent the Big Ten in the postseason, and the tournament will be a four-letter acronym, not a three-letter one. Instead of using First National Bank’s multiple choice quiz format, we’re going with strictly questions and answers, gleaning our favorites from the Nebraska Athletic Department sponsor ‘s game-day offers throughout the 2011-12 basketball season.

Here’s the N-Sider’s first installment of Big Ten Women’s Basketball Trivia on the opening day of the league’s championship tournament in Indianapolis:

Question 1: What year did the Big Ten first sponsor women’s basketball? Question 2: What team has won the most regular season Big Ten women’s basketball titles? Question 3: What team has won the most Big Ten women’s basketball tournament titles? Question 4: What’s the only location outside of Indiana to host the Big Ten’s postseason women’s tournament? Question 5: What Big Ten team does the NU women have the most all-time wins against? Question 6: What Big Ten women’s team plays in the arena with the largest capacity? Question 7 How many current Big Ten women’s teams finished in the top 30 nationally in attendance last season? Question 8: How many points did the Huskers score against Michigan on November 28, 1980? (Hint, it remains the highest scoring game in Nebraska women’s basketball history). Question 9: Who are the only Big Ten women’s coaches who are alums of their current team? Question 10: How tall is the tallest women’s player on a Big Ten roster this season? Question 11: What state has the most players on current Big Ten women’s basketball rosters? Question 12: How many Big Ten players were selected in the WNBA draft last season? Question 13: In 15 years of the WBNA draft, how many times have 3+ Big Ten players been chosen? Question 14: Which is the only Big Ten team with two first-round WNBA picks in one draft? Question 15: In the first season of Husker women’s basketball (1974-75), how many games were against in-state opponents? Question 16: What was the only Big Ten team (besides Nebraska) that Connie Yori matched up against during her playing days at Creighton? Question 17: What Big Ten school did Nebraska play first on Dec. 30, 1977? Question 18: What Big Ten school was the first to play Nebraska in Lincoln? Question 19: In what season did that first game take place? Question 20: Which is the only team in Big Ten history to have 0 turnovers in a conference game?

Answer 1: 1982. Indiana and Ohio State shared the first title. Answer 2: Ohio State. The Buckeyes have 13 regular-season championships. Answer 3: Purdue. The Boilermakers have won seven titles, three more than any other team. Answer 4: Grand Rapids, Mich., in 2001. Answer 5: Michigan. Nebraska was 6-0 all-time until losing to the Wolverines, 63-52, in an early-February Thursday night game in Lincoln. Answer 6: Ohio State. Value City Arena seats 19.049. Answer 7: Eight, including Nebraska, which ranked No. 21 nationally in attendance last season. Answer 8: 118 points. The Huskers beat Michigan, 118-92. Answer 9: Three Big Ten alums who are head coaches at their alma mater: Jolette Law (Illinois), Suzy Merchant (Michigan State) and Sharon Versyp (Purdue). Answer 10: The tallest woman player in the Big Ten is 6-foot-7, and there are three of them who are the same height as David Rivers, NU’s freshman guard from Little Rock, Ark., on the men’s team. Answer 11: 24 players from Illinois are on Big Ten women’s rosters. Ohio ranks second with 20. Answer 12: The Big Ten had four players drafted, including one first-rounder and three third-round selections. Answer 13: 13 times the Big Ten has had at least three players drafted into the WNBA. A total of 68 Big Ten student-athletes have been drafted. Answer 14: In 2001, Purdue had two first-round draft choices – the Nos. 10 and 16 overall picks. Answer 15: In their first season, the Huskers played Creighton twice and Kearney State three times. Answer 16: Iowa. Yori was at Creighton when the Bluejays played in Iowa City in 1985. Answer 17: Minnesota was NU’s first Big Ten foe. The Huskers beat the Gophers, 68-67, in overtime. Answer 18: Wisconsin was the first Big Ten school to come to Lincoln, losing to the Huskers, 25-22. Answer 19: 1903-04. Answer 20: Believe it or not, Minnesota did not turn the ball over in a Jan. 16, 1994 game against Illinois.

That’s a good one to end on. May the force be with Nebraska in the Huskers’ inaugural Big Ten postseason tournament. May turnovers and fouls be few, shooting percentages and steals high and assists and points to score galore

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