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Rex Burkhead (22) will return to Nebraska’s lineup at Northwestern Oct. 20.

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By Randy York

On Wednesday’s Husker Sports Nightly radio show, Bo Pelini admitted that this has been a tough week for his Nebraska football team, and it’s going to be a tough two weeks before the Huskers can push the reset button and truly move on. Fortunately, the process started with some “brutally honest” film study this week, and the journey continues with a systemic approach to correct the course for the Huskers’ 2012 season.

“You look at every possible thing you can do,” Pelini said. “You’re accountable to yourself first because only then can you be accountable to the rest of the team. I think everyone’s been doing that. We’re very honest when we watch the film.”

Pelini said the bye week “gives us a chance to get some things corrected and get better – and get ready for this stretch run. We have a lot ahead of us, a lot to play for, and we have to get better. (When) you’re hurting, you can feel sorry for yourself or you can fight back.”

Pelini and his team refuse to feel sorry. A former defensive coordinator for LSU’s 2007 national championship team, Pelini knows what he’s doing. He expects his coaches and players to fight back. Not panic. Deal with adversity. Keep working. Respond to a challenge. Look ahead, not behind. And, of course, learn from last weekend’s experience.

“That’s the key,” Pelini said. “Are we able to take what’s happened and make us stronger as we move forward?” he asked rhetorically before answering his own question: “I believe in our kids. I believe in our team. You’re going to have some highs and some lows. It’s how you respond to it. That’s the challenge we have in front of us.”

Pelini said running back Rex Burkhead will play at Northwestern next weekend. He also said most of his coaching staff will be on the road Friday to recruit before returning to Lincoln to resume practices. “We have to stay with the process,” Pelini said. “We didn’t execute. We didn’t get it done. That falls back on me. We’re all in this thing together. We have to improve.”

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