By Randy York

Wednesday, Jack Hoffman was in Los Angeles, walking the red carpet and meeting all kinds of star athletes, top-tier entertainers and television personalities. He had a great time in LA with his mom, dad, sisters, and a couple of Nebraska players - quarterback Taylor Martinez and wide receiver Kenny Bell. We talked to both Husker players, plus Andy Hoffman, Jack’s dad, right before they headed back to Nebraska Thursday afternoon. We asked Andy to share some pictures of Jack’s experience leading up to the night’s nationally televised ESPY Awards.

Andy Hoffman obliged, and we picked out a variety of celebrities Jack was rubbing shoulders with in Southern California. What a day for a daydreaming 7-year-old boy! We know Jack had a good time on the West Coast, but we also know he’s like his parents and thinks there’s no place like Nebraska. Welcome home, Jack. We’re all proud of you.

Click on the photos above to find out who Jack’s newest red carpet friends are.

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